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Scribus & yWriter

I was doing one of my regular searches fro Free productivity software and came across this article The Best Free Software of 2022 which had the following subsection: Scribus Open Source Desktop Publishing So had a look at Scribus on YouTube and there were a few things it could do that when considered the Camino

Attempt to publish paper Book to D2D, Duh!!!

My Camino Journal was recently approved in Kindle Books so I decided to see if I could put it in kindle Select (3 months only with Kindle) but I think that only applies to eBooks. Stupid Me- Wrong platform for publishing I’d recently come across Draft2Digital and thought I’d use that as the medium to

Paperback & Hardback low content books

I watched the following video: and she has one on her cover’s too: I was thinking what the next project would be and then I thought of a Camino Journal paperback. With content ideas as follows: Cover and rear design- Francasis route, Journal A frontice piece? Description for KDP. Also put on select- Hardback and