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AHK QAP Fill Form Snippet

I’ve been reading the Joe Glines weekly friday newsletter and it had an item in it about using Quick Access Popup (QAP) for auto filling in forms. I have setup a couple of Auto fill forms for some of my CPD requirements for registering and I’ve assigned them to hotkeys. Whilst this is great I

AHK Workspaces by Maestrith

I was getting annoyed with using Obsidian. I would be in some other program and was finding it difficult to pop-up Obsidian so I could quickly write a note. In the taskbar you can assign a Hotkey to a program, but I don’t like doing that as I switch programs and find weird things happening


This seems to have taken a long time to write and load for publishing. A lot of going backwards before going forwards. 2022-05-26 7:26 pm is when it was submitted for publishing. I started to make a prequal for Deploying scripts for Revit, but making it more general than for Revit alone, then realised there