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Python AUTOMATE Email Forward Remove Attachment & Relocate Email

In a previous video , Python create Daily Planets Sky Map for Epheremis, Email & Automate –( I use python to attach created pdf document and attach to email and send to myself and others. Email sent to me with CSV attachment to Hotmail account In this video I’m sent a CSV file with meter

Building a CRUD RESTful API with Cloud Functions and Firestore tutorial by Søren Spangsberg Jørgensen

Having a self created API allows me to hook up data to connect to front end pages, so I can feed information from the API to the page. This tutorial is CRUD tutorial with firebase firestore and functions , so another item that I’m very interested in. This is the video series where Søren Spangsberg

React, Redux & Firebase “The Net Ninja” app tutorial Deployment- Part 1

There is a great series of videos on how to set up this project by the Net Ninja  ( The first video is: There is also a github repository with all the code here, you have to look at the branches to get the individual video lessons.  So from your VS Code terminal >git pull