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Activate Python Scripts from Python Hotkeys with Keyboard package

Following on from earlier video ‘Activate Python Scripts from AutoHotKey V2 Hotkeys’ ( ) I wanted to add a hotkey information help message box, so I can easily find out the hotkeys for triggering specific scripts. I find this useful when I have a lot of hotkeys and hotstrings and so I do not have

Python AUTOMATE Email Forward Remove Attachment & Relocate Email

In a previous video , Python create Daily Planets Sky Map for Epheremis, Email & Automate –( I use python to attach created pdf document and attach to email and send to myself and others. Email sent to me with CSV attachment to Hotmail account In this video I’m sent a CSV file with meter

500 Posts

Its past 512 published articles but that’s how it goes. I don’t think the site is gaining in popularity but I’ve been adding more Python articles to the blog. Initially there was a lot of visits for OpenMaint but that has dropped off, and I’m getting more visits for AutoHotKey v1 to v2 in VS