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I saw this in Upfront.eZine RSS feed. WikiIFC. This looks interesting. Idea model built elsewhere but then brought across for rest of life here. A great concept. Looking at how to use in the future- In stealth mode at moment as they are developing it still. Test 1 I used the sample simple model and

eBook Translation- German

I have had few sales for the English version on Amazon, and thought about translation into another language. My first attempt was Chinese but couldn’t figure how to do that so am opting to try a few European languages, German, French, Italian as I’ve the already subtitled the videos in those languages. Then Arabic next

Creating eBook- part 3

I’ve been working through the content for the eBook in Word, using Text Boxes to hold the scripts , then I read an article suggesting that Text Boxes were a no-no , so I saved the contents and made a copy and used a different style “Intense Quote” to have the script a different colour

Creating eBook- part 2

After the first article I began to see the shape of what I wanted to do as an eBook. I do waffle around things so setting up the OBS for YouTube Shorts was something that took a bit of fiddling, but it has had its benefits. It allows me to describe things briefly, in 60