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AI web scraping- where to stand?

I saw this article Sites scramble to block ChatGPT web crawler after instructions emerge and have some feelings about this emerging technology. For ChatGPT to learn and improve it needs data to be fed into it. It is obtaining information and data from open-source locations, and also scraping websites to get data to train the

Python Dynamic Power Price Information using Streamlit & Deployed to Windows Server

This video is a follow on from:Python Future prices, WITS API & My Electricity Bill- Remote Trigger from subdomain on Website - Live Transit Data on Map on Web Subdomain - Objective of project I wanted to show dynamic chart of electricity prices on a webpage and be able to update the data as required.I

Tree Diagram, collapsible, for plant generations in HTML

The web page for the Tree Diagram Background story My daughter is a grower and she had information on the different generations of plants she is growing. She has a spreadsheet that she uses to show different strains of plants, grown initially from seed and then cloning the plants to get the best strains. To