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Udemy Free Productivity Script Course

Saturday 18 June 2022. I’ve just uploaded the Udemy course for review. Hopefully it will be OK with the Reviewer. I’ve set the price at 19.99 as I want to discourage people purchasing the course until I have the other books published then I can set it for Free. It took me about 5-6 days

YouTube Shorts with OBS

I’m looking at options while developing my eBook. I’m great at talking around a topic and not being able to be definitive about what I’m trying to describe. I thought a good idea was to write the code down so people can download the script and also to do quick videos to demonstrate those scripts.

GoPro video editor

I indulged in purchasing a 2nd hand GoPro Hero 5. I got it from trademe for $315. The bundle had the GoPro and also a few extras to go with it including hand grips, chest & head harnesses and a couple of batteries & charger & Micro SD card. There were older & newer models

Video Playlists

Below are my video playlists you may be interested in. I hope some of these help you in your endeavours. Please give a thumbs up and subscribe. I also have a Patreon page and would appreciate your patronage in helping me make these videos. GlideApps Playlist Honeycode Visualise Asset/Facility Management Playlist Free Productivity Tools Beginner

OpenMAINT Open Source Facilities Management Programme Overview

Video (17.21Min) This is my quick overview of OpenMAINT. It is an open source solution for the Property & Facility Management; an application for the management of buildings, installations, movable assets and related maintenance activities. It is build on the IT (Information Technology (Computer Management)) programme CMD Build and modified to use for Property Management.