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Creating eBook- part 1

Name of Book? Heading & sub-heading Cover I’ll need identifiable revit symbol and some gears, something showing automation, other IDEAS for front cover image? Book Description See what other ones have on Kindle and Barnes & Noble, Kobo etc Keywords/Categories Look at testing those, these need research to bring up list . . Publisher Rocket

Covid by region NZ -map representation- Part 5

The Ministry of Health(MoH) have posted the original dataset on a different web page of each case and which District Health Board (DHB) they are under. The data can be found here. Instead of by region, its mapped to the District Health Board Regions. So the original map I was using in this post is

Architectural Colour Schedule in Excel

The last post I tried to use AirTable to create a Colour Schedule from a Revit export. Thinking I could use the Database to cross reference items in the room such as doors/windows etc to be able to pull those in to make the colour scheme planning more comprehensive. It didn’t work. Along the way