Category: Visualisation

3d choose theatre seats

I thought this was cool. VRSEAT for choosing Theatre seats. This is a cool extension on what I was playing with in Revit and 3d package, to show view from a specific seat, I’d used the ASB basketball centre on the waterfront for my example. My only comment is that you don’t see the seat

FreeMind mindmap

Simon Haynes the author mentioned FreeMind on his site, so I thought I’d have a look at it. He uses it to develop ideas for his book. Documentation from SourceForge and there is some documentation for it there as well. The YouTube video demo’s some nice things. I like the HTML embed for the bubble

Web Animator Now Free License & animations

I saw this free license, from videos it doesn’t have templates and interface is a bit more simplistic than one shown in videos but still pretty good. The license key expires in a couple of days so I should load onto ‘puters today. I got the license from ” target=”blank” style=”glass” background=”#428bca” size=”4″]Video Playlist[/su_button] The

300 posts

Its been slower writing the last 100 posts compared to the previous 200. But I’ve got there, with this being the 300th post. You can view the actual table here. ๏ปฟYour browser does not support iframes Slower because of other activities I’ve broken out of just exploring this area of posting and started doing a

How to import JSON data into Google Sheets to create a live COVID-19 chart

This is in fact an article How to import JSON data into Google Sheets to create a live COVID-19 chart that I came across on my RSS feed from Datawrapper. I want to follow this as it sort of comes full circle. I’d started my covid data exploration with Google Sheets and importXML() and now,