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500 Posts

Its past 512 published articles but thatโ€™s how it goes. I don’t think the site is gaining in popularity but I’ve been adding more Python articles to the blog. Initially there was a lot of visits for OpenMaint but that has dropped off, and I’m getting more visits for AutoHotKey v1 to v2 in VS

Scribus & yWriter

I was doing one of my regular searches fro Free productivity software and came across this article The Best Free Software of 2022 which had the following subsection: Scribus Open Source Desktop Publishing So had a look at Scribus on YouTube and there were a few things it could do that when considered the Camino


I saw this in Upfront.eZine RSS feed. WikiIFC. This looks interesting. Idea model built elsewhere but then brought across for rest of life here. A great concept. Looking at how to use in the future- In stealth mode at moment as they are developing it still. Test 1 I used the sample simple model and

Free Book for emails

Book sales are nonexistent so looking at marketing methods having an email list to send info to seems important. Book link : I saw this video about perma-Free book to gather emails from and thought I’d create a free book I’m writing stuff on AutoHotKey and thought doing a simple productivity script may be

Send Encrypted files

I wanted to send some sensitive information to someone else, and wanted to protect the file. It was mainly text. Natively in Windows for Zip but NOT home edition I hadn’t really done this before so I looked into doing a password protect on a zip file in windows 10, but you can’t with the

Personal Electricity Prices- Page 2

Further to my recent article on this topic, I’ve been keenly awaiting the update of the power bill from my last one. Last weeks bill (I think from a week prior, consuming 66.94 kWh And this weeks , consuming 63.12 kWh Almost the same, although this weeks is slightly higher. A bit disappointing. I’d changed

Electric foldable bicycle

I had my car nicked for the 3rd time, this time my electric scooter was in the back and the insurance company will be paying out part of the cost of it. So I can consider purchasing another scooter or an alternative. I was quite keen on the electric skateboards but they are quite expensive