Author: Max Drake

Honeycode Beta closing down

I received an email today from Amazon Honeycode saying they will be shuting down the service in Feb 2024. I initially was very keen on trying out the product and did 10 YouTube videos about it that have garnered over 6000 views to date. I started using it in July 2020 and was excited in

AI web scraping- where to stand?

I saw this article Sites scramble to block ChatGPT web crawler after instructions emerge and have some feelings about this emerging technology. For ChatGPT to learn and improve it needs data to be fed into it. It is obtaining information and data from open-source locations, and also scraping websites to get data to train the

Activate Python Scripts from Python Hotkeys with Keyboard package

Following on from earlier video ‘Activate Python Scripts from AutoHotKey V2 Hotkeys’ ( ) I wanted to add a hotkey information help message box, so I can easily find out the hotkeys for triggering specific scripts. I find this useful when I have a lot of hotkeys and hotstrings and so I do not have

Python AUTOMATE Email Forward Remove Attachment & Relocate Email

In a previous video , Python create Daily Planets Sky Map for Epheremis, Email & Automate –( I use python to attach created pdf document and attach to email and send to myself and others. Email sent to me with CSV attachment to Hotmail account In this video I’m sent a CSV file with meter