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Attempt to publish paper Book to D2D, Duh!!!

My Camino Journal was recently approved in Kindle Books so I decided to see if I could put it in kindle Select (3 months only with Kindle) but I think that only applies to eBooks. Stupid Me- Wrong platform for publishing I’d recently come across Draft2Digital and thought I’d use that as the medium to

Free Book for emails

Book sales are nonexistent so looking at marketing methods having an email list to send info to seems important. Book link : I saw this video about perma-Free book to gather emails from and thought I’d create a free book I’m writing stuff on AutoHotKey and thought doing a simple productivity script may be

AHK Workspaces by Maestrith

I was getting annoyed with using Obsidian. I would be in some other program and was finding it difficult to pop-up Obsidian so I could quickly write a note. In the taskbar you can assign a Hotkey to a program, but I don’t like doing that as I switch programs and find weird things happening

Draft2Digital for book distribution

I was watching Sean Dollwet’s information on publishing and he mentioned draft2Digital. So I thought I’d investigate. A pearrticular vid of his that I’m thinking about is about freebook for gathering emails. Fees What does it cost to use Draft2Digital? Draft2Digital has no up-front charges for any of our services (formatting, conversion, distribution, and sales

Paperback & Hardback low content books

I watched the following video: and she has one on her cover’s too: I was thinking what the next project would be and then I thought of a Camino Journal paperback. With content ideas as follows: Cover and rear design- Francasis route, Journal A frontice piece? Description for KDP. Also put on select- Hardback and


This seems to have taken a long time to write and load for publishing. A lot of going backwards before going forwards. 2022-05-26 7:26 pm is when it was submitted for publishing. I started to make a prequal for Deploying scripts for Revit, but making it more general than for Revit alone, then realised there